Tailored Events

Bespoke design.

I offer a range of ready-made workshops which focus on key tools to

improve your team's communication and leadership skills. 

Alternatively, sessions can be tailored to meet the specific objectives of your team. 

Currently all workshops are exclusively available via Zoom online.

Tailored Team Workshops

Designed for You

Bespoke Workshops

Improve your team's power skills with sessions that are:

  • Tailored to meet your goals

  • Practical and Interactive

  • Include easy to implement tips

  • Tools to action immediately

  • Personal feedback for your team (optional)


In-demand power skills covered: Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Adaptability.


The initial consultation is offered free of charge.  

I then charge a £75 design fee to create a bespoke workshop which responds to your objectives, and then a fee per hour for delivery of the session.  

Corporate team workshops delivered through Zoom start at £50/hr. 

Workshops that include personal feedback for your team are limited to ten participants per session, but multiple sessions can be run consecutively.  

In person sessions are not currently available owing to virus-related restrictions.  When offered, the charge is £70/hr for myself to deliver the workshop (min 3hr), with an additional fee for space hire if needed.

For more information on corporate bookings, please contact me through this site, or email me directly at islalindsay@gmail.com.

Available to Order

Ready-Made workshops

These pre-made sessions offer affordable, socially distant, online training.  All sessions include:

  • Fun and engaging practical exercises

  • Tools to try out in-session

  • Take-away tips to improve their power skills

  • Individual Feedback (optional extra)


Ready-Made session packages:

Taster: 1hr, max participants 20, no feedback given, £50.

Exploration: 3hrs, max participants 10, feedback given, £125.

Training: 6hrs, max participants 8, detailed feedback given, £250.

Past bookings include:

Presenting with Impact (Google, Marketing)

Managing Nerves (Sainsbury's corporate teams).

Team Building Events!

These fun, interactive, and engaging events will teach your team in-demand power skills in a safe, socially distant, online space. 

Unlike the workshops above, team building events are focused on creativity and indirectly relate to business skills.

Previous team building events include:

Team-building with Acting (Google, Youtube)

Team-building with Shakespeare (UK Government Legal Department).

You can find more information using the link below, or email me with any questions: islalindsay@gmail.com



& Events

"We were very happy with the workshop.  The team especially enjoyed the presentation section."

Tailored workshop: 'Presenting with Impact'.

- Google UK Marketing Department 

"I would go back, everyone really enjoyed the afternoon. The tutor was excellent: knowledgeable, enthusiastic and considerate.  The session was well structured and everyone enjoyed the final performance."

Tailored workshop: 'Team building with Shakespeare'.

- UK Government Legal Department

"It was an excellent afternoon and especially good for team building."

Tailored workshop: 'Team building with Acting'.

- Google UK, YouTube department


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