Public Courses

Great actors are intuitive storytellers. 

They craft organically, with imagination and empathy.

I believe in nurturing new talent by providing a fun and supportive environment for students to experiment and explore their creative impulses.  I favour simple but effective exercises that encourage open, receptive and instinctive performances.

Public Group Courses

Spring Online! 


Still unsure about Zoom classes?  Join me for a FREE Acting taster class on Monday 10th May, 6.30 - 8pm.  To book, either use Eventbright or drop me an email.  


**EARLY BIRD 10% Discount if booked by 12th May**

(Discounts cannot be combined with other / previous offers)

Explore America: Wednesdays, 19th May - 23rd June, 6.30-8.30pm, £90 *£81

The Actor as Storyteller: Tuesdays, 25th May - 22nd June, 6.30-8.30pm, £70 *£63

Develop Your Voice: Thursdays, 27th May - 17th June, 12.30 - 2pm, £55 *£49.50

* All course times are for the UK time zone. *

Private Acting Sessions

I charge £30/hr for 1-2-1 audition prep over Zoom.  

To book, please email me on

All classes are run through Zoom, they are interactive and participatory, your mic and camera will need to be on. 

Courses have a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10 participants.  Invoices will only be sent when the minimum participant threshold has been reached.

"Isla was an amazing teacher - made the group feel comfortable and gave us the best opportunities to perform in a safe and friendly environment. The group were fab too!"

- Acting: The Basics Student

An excellent learning experience and valuable to both trained actors and those , like me, with an interest in the theatre.
It was a great combination of transmitting the theoretical basis of techniques with practical exercises. Isla's direction and feedback in these exercises was invaluable.
And importantly, it was all very enjoyable!

- Jeremy, Character Development

"Initially dubious about how something like acting training might work over Zoom, I soon found myself totally engaged and so absorbed the 2 hours sped past.

I highly recommend these very affordable Zoom acting courses!"

- Character Development Student

Plan Ahead:  2021

 June & July Dates 

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*At present all courses are offered exclusively online.* 


Audition Skills: Mondays, 21st June - 5th July, 6.30 - 8.30pm, £55

If you have any questions about the courses, or would like to book, please contact me here or by email on

'There's No Business Like Show Business'

This is a semi-regular event.  Each event night will explore an aspect of the industry from the perspective of pre-professional or newly-professional actors.  I will interview seasoned industry professionals, and you can ask any burning questions you might have about breaking into this business we call Show.

Upcoming events:

'De-roling & Actor Wellbeing'

Thursday 3rd Dec, 7-8pm, £5.

Listen back to past events on all major podcast hosting sites, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Previous episodes include:

'Life as a jobbing actor' both in London and across the pond in Hollywoodland.  The challenges and triumphs of working in this industry.

In 'Getting Into the Room' we talk casting, self-tape and in person. What are they really looking for?

Most recently we discussed the particular challenges attached to 'Navigating the industry without training'.

Scene Study

5 x 2hr, or 6 x 1hr40, classes, £70 (zoom price)

This is a scene study class offered in the format of a course.  Following the US model, scenes will be allocated and scene partners are invited to work on these together outside of class time.  Class is solely for the presentation and redirection of the scenes.  This allows us to work in detail on each scene, making discoveries and developing your craft through in-depth analysis, experimentation, and play.  

This is an Advanced course for trained and /or professional actors.

Full Course Descriptors

These courses train you to be more receptive, instinctive, and connected.

Find Your Voice

4 x 90min classes, £50 (zoom price)

This 4 week voice course builds a foundation for improved vocal dexterity.  We'll work on physical exercises each week in creative, and social, classes.  This course is for anyone interested in improving their voice for more engaging and authoritative speech.  Suitable for beginners, and for actors or business professionals.  More information here.

The Actor as Storyteller

5 x 2hr classes, £70 (zoom price)

A foundational course in acting technique, focusing on approaching text using Stanislavski and Storytelling techniques.  Great for anyone new to acting, or those wanting a re-fresher course.  This course is playful, social, and packed full of exercises to engage your creativity and imagination.  You'll work on different scripts every week, and will work toward presenting a rehearsed scene (words learnt) in the final class.

Creating Character

5 x 2hr classes, £80 (zoom price)

Suitable for those who have completed the Actor as Storyteller course, or have some experience in acting.  This course explores three approaches to creating character: observation, imagination, and empathy.  We step away from the self, and then back toward the self to create and present three very different characters.

Creating Character: Depth

5 x 2hr classes, £80 (zoom price)

Suitable for those who have completed the Actor as Storyteller course or have some experience in acting.  This course delves into character, working imaginatively and empathetically to flesh out backstory, defining moments and significant relationships.  Using improvisation, script analysis, and observation techniques, we'll create two characters each, performing them in a variety of scenarios, with personal feedback given.

Creating Character: Connection

5 x 2hr classes, £80 (zoom price)

Working with presence, release, and emotional availability techniques, in this course you will work on two distinct characters, developing tools to help you connect more openly with character, yours and that of your scene partner.  Suitable for students who have completed the Basics and Creating Character courses, or any professional actors wanting to add tools to your box.

Character Development

5 x 2hr classes, £80 (zoom price)

A deep dive into preparing a single character for performance, this is a challenging Advanced level course, suitable for professional actors or those passionate about and experienced in acting techniques.  Here we'll work together on a play following professional rehearsal techniques to embody a character as they journey through a production.  How does the play change your character?


Developing Character: Nuance 

5 x 2hr classes, £80 (zoom price)

Psychological depth and nuance is challenging to represent, even for seasoned performers.  This course utilises cognitive actor training practice to delve into the bodymind of your character.  We'll work toward making counter-intuitive choices to build layers and create believable, relatable characters.  This is an advanced course suitable for trained and/or professional actors.

Identifying with Character

5 x 2hr classes, £80 (zoom price)

This course will offer you tools to unlock the characters that might feel more of a stretch to reach than usual.  We'll approach character creation using embodied actor training methods, building the bodymind of our character through a psycho-physical approach. This is an in-depth course designed to support you in taking greater risks and making bolder choices in your transformation into character. 

This is an Advanced course for trained and /or professional actors.