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Good communicators listen, connect, and inspire.

I offer a range of public courses which focus on key tools to improve your communication and leadership skills.  I am also available for corporate bookings where courses can be tailored to meet the objectives of your team.  For private sessions with bespoke design to target your personal areas for improvement, please email me.



Join one of my 'Managing Nerves' Taster sessions to decide if these courses are for you.


Managing Nerves

Tuesday July 7th Noon - 1.30pm £5

Wednesday July 15th 6 - 7.30pm £5

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Presentation Skills

Tuesdays, 28th July - 18th August, Noon - 1.30pm


Presence & Impact

Wednesdays, 29th July - 19th August, 6 - 7.30pm


I also run courses in

Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Presence and Impact, Leadership, Interview Skills, Storytelling for Self-Actualization.  

July Courses

Communication Skills


"The class was small, only 6 students which gave a very personalized experience. I learned a lot and Isla was awesome."

- Pete, Presentation Skills

"The teacher was very engaging and encouraging – she was knowledgeable about her subject and happy to answer our questions.  She also made us all feel comfortable and the warm up activities were fun and broke the ice."

- Presence & Impact student

"I was nervous about the session before going, but I thoroughly enjoyed it – and would do it again.”

- Communication Skills Student

Plan Ahead:

August & September Dates


Managing Nerves

Tuesday 25th August, Noon - 1.30pm, £5

Wednesday 26th August, 6- -7.30pm, £5



Tuesdays, 8th - 29th September, Noon - 1.30pm, £95

Presentation Skills

Wednesdays, 9th - 30th September, 6 - 7.30pm,


If you have any questions about the courses, or would like to book, please contact me here, or email me on

Full course descriptors

All courses are run as four 90 minute sessions.  Each class is interactive and participatory.  You will need to have your mic and camera on.

Zoom prices for public courses are £95.

Managing Nerves: Learn how psycho-physical techniques can be used to manage and harness your nerves, to help you stay centred and take control of any anxiety-triggering situation.

Presentation Skills: Learn practical tips for structuring and 'performing' your presentation, as well as tools for managing the Q&A.

Presence & Impact: Enhancing your personal impact and ensuring you resonate and connect with your team and colleagues requires skill.  This course will teach you how!

Leadership: This course will consider what leadership means, what kind of leader you are naturally, and how to improve your innate leadership ability by incorporating a varied repertoire of approaches.  It will also challenge you to think about the future of leadership in your field and what that means for you.

Communication Skills: Effective communication is a skill and an art.  Whether in everyday situations or high stakes professional moments, this course will equip you with the tools to embody best communication practice.

Interview Skills: Landing your dream job is about more than your CV.  This course teaches you how to navigate interview questions, connect with your interview panel, and ensure you make a positive and lasting impact.

Storytelling for Self-Actualisation: Are you where you want to be?  What gets you up in the morning?  Would you describe yourself as happy?  Fulfilled?  Empowered?  This course utilizes storytelling practice, in combination with well-being research from around the globe, to guide you on a journey toward a realisation of your talents and embodiment of your true potential.